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      You want to move through Paris, Versailles, different parts of the capital and its suburbs see easily make a transition between train stations and airports or vice versa? Your Taxi Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] You Wait from 45 € and our simulator gives you all the live rate for your ride!


    Taxis Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG], more than 300 taxis Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] available 24/24 and around the Paris area and its surroundings. The reservation is accessible to one and all and very fast and payments options are equally secure.


    Our vehicles are equipped with the necessary to make you enjoy a comfortable transport, but also nice and high quality. Daily support to the event, Taxis Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] remains available at all times throughout the year.

    • No need to adjust the Taxi Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] once on board and on arrival, you can now do it online to save time to each of your transportation. Once past the settlement, your reservation is confirmed and you will immediately receive a confirmation SMS to the number you specified when creating your online account. Your driver then takes care of everything. He'll meet you at the address specified when booking. Simply get on board and enjoy a pleasant vehicle.

        online booking
       - Press Roissy taxi reservation online and you will receive the price immediately, a taxi booking confirmation Roissy-mail and SMS is very simple, and very effective.

      Experienced drivers
       - The Roissy CDG taxis are specialists Roissy airport taxis will take you directly to your device with the fastest and least congested path
         Available 24H / 24
       - Taxi Roissy CDG is available 24 hours / 24 and 7/7
           Call center
       - In case of departure reservation
       thank you to call taxis roissy as quickly as we can find a taxi Roissy as close to you

    • As soon as the Taxis Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] is select you receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile. You are required when creating your account is stored and associated with your identity and to allow you to recognize each of your reservation. Your number is used to confirm the booking but when needed, it will be communicated to your driver to never make you wait. SMS is also a guarantee of quality from us confirming you the attention we bring to your satisfaction. All of the information you shared with us is encrypted and will never be disclosed to third.


      RESERVE A TAXI Roissy
      If you are not familiar with this type of service - check out our Roissy Airport transfer guide.
      SHUTTLE BOOKING Roissy - Roissy TAXI
      > Roissy Airport Shuttle
      > Taxi Beauvais Roissy
      List of companies taxis or shuttles or direct online booking ...
      > Transfer Reservation roissy
      > Roissy Car with driver
      > Taxi Orly to Roissy
      > Shuttle Station Roissy
      > Taxi to Roissy Eurodisney
      Book a transfer to Paris Roissy CDG center, Orly and Disneyland ...
      Comparison transfer services from Roissy. Rates provided for information only.
      Rate Roissy
      TaxiServices service busNavette partagéeTransfert private 4p
      Paris - Roissy CDG € 50-70
       Orly - CDG 65-95 €
       Defense - Roissy 65-95 €
       Disneyland - Roissy 65-95 €

    • The Charles de Gaulle site [CDG] Payment standard is under the secure "https" and regulation of pages are encrypted SSH, which ensures encrypted transfer during your online payment. The information comes in the form of security and the transaction packet in contact puts you and your bank or secure (Paypal, Paybox, ...) you have selected. We interferons in any way in your transaction and upon payment, and your data remains encrypted and secret and no one has permission to access it from your bank authorizing the debit from your bank account tariff exact specified when booking online.
    • The Charles de Gaulle [CDG] are specialized and very familiar with the Charles de Gaulle airport with more than ten different Terminals he know all the paths you take to the fastest. Moreover, experience of the streets leading to it prevent you from getting stuck in traffic and risk missing your flight. Drivers Taxis Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] are trained to ensure your total satisfaction: they know the peak hours of the Parisian traffic and know the hours favorable to your carriage movement and selection streets resulting order to get you quickly to and without any expectations from you. Trust your experienced in your personal private chauffeur transport aboard Taxis Roissy.

    • * Rates, timetables and journey times are provided for information only and do not engage the responsibility of Aéroports de Paris.
      The Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main serving Paris - Roissy taxis offer is usually pretty bloated however you may need to wait a while especially if the arrivals of planes are numerous. Good to know: A taxi Roissy you can not refuse a destination from the airport. The main constraint remains the price that can vary widely depending on traffic - the peak hours being 8H-10H and 17H-20H weekdays. To book a transfer from Paris view: Paris - Roissy
      An alternative to taxis in Paris Roissy there: The airport shuttle Roissy offers the following advantages: Quick Booking in advance online without registration, fixed fee, free luggage (a maximum of 2 per passenger). Details about this service: See below.
      taxi Roissy .com
       How réserverCentralesBus - Shuttle Roissy TransportsRéservation
      How much does a taxi between Roissy and Paris: Estimated run rate
      More precisely estimate the price of your race according to your destination in Paris. Use our map and choose the stations closest to your home: See the map
      Shuttle Transfer Roissy private service: The driver welcomes you to the airport
      If you wish to be met at the exit of the customs by a driver you have to choose the Roissy private shuttle service. A good plan that few people know. See above private transfer.
      Central reservation phone number: taxis roissy
       Roissy bus services
      Air France Bus: Service operated at Orly and Paris center (Ticket price 15-way and 19 euros).
      Roissybus: Regular service operated by RATP to Opera (Price: 9.1 Euros)
      VEA bus: service to Beauvais and Disneyland (One Way Ticket price: 15 and 17 euros)
    • Our taxi Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG] waiting for you with a sign with your name, so as not to make you wait, do not you miss your transportation! Impossible to miss due to your specialist driver waiting panels Taxi Roissy Charles de Gaulle [CDG], which provide a quick climb aboard our luxury transport vehicles.

       Support Roissy
      Taxis Parisiens roissy
      They cover three neighboring departments and Paris (Hauts-de-Seine - department 92 Seine-Saint-Denis - Department 93, Val-de-Marne - Department 94).
       Commuter taxis roissy
      They cover Paris and 4 neighboring departments (Essonne - department 91, Val-d'Oise -
      Department 95 Yvelines - department 78, Seine-et-Marne - Department 77).
      Please note that the assumption by commuter taxis roissy is only done if you have booked in advance the race with a taxi companies.
       Taxi ranks at Roissy airport Paris-Charles GaullePour leave the airport, taxis are available just outside the baggage delivery area
      your arrival terminal:
      Terminal 1: Door 24 on the arrivals level
      Terminal 2A: Door 6
      Terminal 2C: Door 14
      Terminal 2D: Gate 7
      Terminal 2E: Door 11 on the arrivals level
      Terminal 2F: Door 11 on the arrivals level
      Terminal 3: output of the arrival hall
      Terminal 2G: blue door
      Only taxis roissy stations located at the arrivals gates mentioned above are allowed to take care of customers. The official taxis are recognizable in "light" on the vehicle roof. If you are approached by leaving the baggage claim area by people posing as taxis, we invite you to decline any proposal of transport.
      Example of indicative prices for a day trip:
      From Roissy or to Roissy, Paris center: from 50 to 70 € *

      * Rates provided for information only, under normal traffic conditions
      Premium rates
      Expect an increase of about 20%:
      - Between 19h and 7am for trips in the suburbs
      - Between 17h and 10h in the morning for trips in central Paris
      - Sundays and holidays
       Inter-terminal shuttle at Paris-Charles de Gaulle
      Free Roissy in the public area shuttle
      Before you leave, check out different circuits shuttle roissy made available free to move from one terminal to another in the public area.
      Shuttle Roissy N1
      The shuttle roissy N1 dessert, free terminals:
      - 2A (5-door)
      - 2C (gate 12)
      - 2E (gate 16)
      - Parking PW (Resa Parking Eco Holidays)
      - 2F (Gate 2)
      - The train station (north side), the Sheraton hotel, the luggage
      - 2D (Door 6)

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